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What Is an Oscillating Fan?

An oscillating fan is typically made up of a base and a fan head. The fan head is bi-directional, meaning that it can rotate. It is because of the fan head rotation that these home products are referred to as oscillating fans. Although most oscillating fan models do rotate, they also have stationary settings which enable the user to stop the side to side motion to direct the airflow to a single location.

The advantages of using an oscillating fan are best realized in large rooms. Some rooms inside of a home may be so large that distributing air from the fan blades to one location is not ideal. Especially in main living areas, all of the occupants can benefit from an oscillating fan’s rotation cycle. Certainly the owner of the home would not be accused of being a fan hog!

Oscillating fans typically are sold as desktop models and on pedestals. Desktop models are ideal for use on countertops, dressers and other flat surfaces. However, pedestal mounted oscillating fans typically can be positioned in an area of the room that is out of the way. If you would like to get an oscillating fan, you can visit this site to find many of the leading models.

Selecting the best oscillating fan model for your home really is not a difficult process. However, more advanced models exist which include timers, remote controls and other convenience features. Whisper mode fans are also available, which is like the one I have, and they work great in rooms where noise would be disruptive. Nobody likes watching television when they have to turn the volume up loud enough to overcome the sound of a fan blowing air!

Although many people believe that oscillating fans are best used during the summer, their ability to improve indoor air quality can help during the winter as well. When it comes to equalizing air temperature in the home, running a fan is often less expensive than the whole house fan or furnace. If you are into saving money, like I am, you will find that an oscillating fan is a great product to use throughout the entire year.